Jeanine Bakker, MA

Jeanine Bakker sees herself as a life-long learner. She completed her BA in psychology and social work at Augustana College in 1978, a MA in Early Childhood Development and Education from The Erikson Institute in 1983, and a MA in Counseling Psychology at Trinity Christian College in 2019. She currently serves as president of the Trinity Christian College chapter of the Illinois Counseling Association. For the past 40 years Jeanine has taught, lead groups, and provided leadership, in a variety of therapeutic settings, schools, and Christian institutions. Jeanine is delighted to partner with Olive Branch Counseling Associates in her goal to provide a safe, validating, and challenging environment for individuals of all ages to live more meaningful lives through thecultivate of acceptance, compassion, curiosity, and value directed actions.

Jeanine uses a collaborative, person centered approach that integrates a contextual behavioral approach centered in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)and Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT). She incorporates mindfulness, spirituality, and the creative process to help clients develop a more loving and non-judgmental relationship with their thoughts and emotional experiences. Areas of specialization include journeying with individuals struggling with emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, ruminating thoughts, grief and loss, learning differences, and chronic illness.

Jeanine is married to artist and professor John Bakker and is mother of two amazing sons, Samuel and Jesse. Jeanine enjoys doing activities that keep her connected to her farm roots, spending time with family and friends, and finding ways to create a more just, sustainable, and minimalist world.