Kayla Lucas

Kayla Lucas is a Licensed Professional Counselor and graduate of North Park University where she received her Masters in Counseling Psychology. Prior to graduate school attended University of Illinois at Chicago where she graduated with her Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences Applied Psychology. Kayla provides therapy services to individual adult clients, couples, adolescents and families. Kayla uses more of an integrated approach that is tailored to her clients to empower them to create the change in their own lives.

Kayla has experience with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, DCFS, and more. She believes that trauma does not have to define ones life but through communication and community it’s possible to heal all wounds.

Through personal and clinical experiences Kayla’s lifework and passion is Maternal Mental Health. She believes that creating emotionally well children starts with an emotional well mother. Kayla volunteers for Breastfeeding Chicago, creates content curated for mothers, and is a member of the Mothership and Healthcare in Colour.

When she’s not in the office Kayla loves traveling, eating, and spending time with her children.