Liz Revis, Masters Level Clinician

Liz graduated with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in December 2022. Currently, she is pursuing licensure as a professional counselor. Before pursuing counseling, she received her bachelor’s degree in both English and communications. She has worked in a variety of settings, including: the wedding industry, marketing, hospitality, and event planning. She believes her experience in customer service and hospitality serve her well in the counseling field, as counseling ought to be an extension of hospitality.

She describes herself as a client-centered counselor who tends to make space for exploration. Although, she is always prepared for the direction of the session, as she considers time with her clients as a privilege. Additionally, she uses elements from acceptance and commitment theory, which states a person can live a meaningful life while accepting the pain that unavoidably accompanies it.  Liz ultimately looks at client stories through a cultural lens, while integrating a trauma-informed approach. She encourages her clients to embrace their humanity, honor the duality of suffering, and to consider the systems that might limit or impact them.

Liz aims to foster a counseling environment that is warm, safe, kind, and welcoming. Liz admits that sometimes therapy can be a little awkward; there is room to embrace all parts of it, and she wants to navigate the journey alongside her clients. She places great emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, while viewing it as a collaborative effort. After all, she believes that clients are the expert of their own lived experiences. Liz views humans (including herself) as ongoing works in progress. However, she aims to promote the acceptance of someone as they are, rather than the potential of what they could be.

Liz believes in incorporating humor into counseling, as laughing can accompany feeling and healing. She wants her clients to feel safe enough to let go and lean into their inner child. Along with this posture, she sees the inherent worth, ability, and power in each person. She strives to positively empower and connect clients to the most aligned and brightest version of themselves. She thinks that the deepest healing takes place when someone feels seen and heard. Liz has experience working with adults, teenagers, and couples. She feels most comfortable working with matters such as: chronic illness, health anxiety, self-compassion, work issues, boundary setting, communication skills, conflict resolution, and gender identity concerns. 

When she’s not counseling, Liz enjoys spending time with her loved ones, as well as time alone in a quiet space-without a hurried pace. She also enjoys dining out, celebrating all holidays, journaling, writing, studying the enneagram personality tool, going to Target, watching silly reality television, and reading.