Sophie Follenweider

Sophie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed School Counselor and Certified Life Coach. Her work experience spans multiple areas including private practice, behavioral healthcare organizations, public and private schools, mental health hospitals providing both individual and group counseling and education.

Sophie has worked extensively with teenagers, families, individuals and children. Her therapeutic approach includes family systems, eclectic and holistic approaches and other interventions that allow individuals and families as co-facilitators of emotional healing. Sophie is fluent in American Sign Language. Her areas of expertise includes but is not limited to anxiety, addictions, chronic illness, depression, family counseling, depression, stress management, self- esteem, anger management, work place issues, conflict resolution, children and adult children of deaf parents, adult children of alcoholics and family dysfunction.

Sophie has a keen ability to listen and understand her clients. As a counselor, she desires that each individual feels that they are being heard, not only through their struggles and adjustments, but also their successes and self-awareness. Sophie has a unique passion for motivating, inspiring and empowering others to achieve their dreams as she walks with her clients on their journey of discovering their strengths and potential. She understands that each person has a unique story and sees the beauty in helping clients through their transitions. Life experience, education and a passion for others inspired her mission to help others. Her passion and innate ability to understand the challenges of youth and families empower clients to regain confidence and successfully work through obstacles in their lives