Thank You...

Thank you… A class on parenting…
Thank you… is a class based on Christian principles and the belief that parenting is a God given privilege. It recognizes the fact that this privilege can often be a frustrating and discouraging task, so practical solutions to everyday parenting challenges are discussed. Each session allows time for individual parents to bring up specific challenges. Thank you… utilizes mini lectures, maxi discussions, role- playing and stories of sharing and caring for our children. Handouts are distributed at each session.
What exactly do we talk about?
Session One… We begin by discussing children as being unique gifts that as parents, we are privileged to be a part of their growth. We take a brief historical look at how families and parenting styles have changed in the last century. We continue with a discussion of the goals, or reasons children misbehave. Session One concludes with answers to questions about how to discourage or extinguish future misbehavior.
Session Two… offers parents three more goals and solutions for misbehavior (these are particularly relevant for teens). We offer parents healthy alternatives to traditional forms of punishment. Our goal is to make parenting a more positive experience - no more yelling, spanking, grounding or nagging! We then differentiate between Praise and Encouragement. We finish by discussing why one is a more effective and healthy parenting tool than the other.
Session Three… focuses on improving Communication skills and how Family Meetings can help your family to run smoothly. These are skills that can change every relationship you have for the better!
Session Four… looks at Family Atmosphere, Family and Constellation and Birth Order. We look at our children in terms of their "psychological" position in the family and how that influences their behavior.
Session Five… is a time to review the ideas and principles introduced throughout the class. We also spend time encouraging others and ourselves as parents.