The 8 Habits of a Successful Marriage

8 Habits of a Successful Marriage Workshop
Why attend?
The CHALLENGES… Even the most committed couples encounter real and never-ending challenges within their relationships. When one is resolved, another arises. Couples need sound, adaptable strategies to address these challenges consistently and effectively.
The STRATEGIES… Using proactive and preventative approaches based on the works of Stephen R. Covey, this workshop will help couples recognize unhealthy patterns, gain skills and apply tools to build a strong foundation for more effective and enduring relationships. Not only will participants learn these new skills and tools, but it will be fun!
WHO SHOULD ATTEND…? Designed for currently married, engaged and committed couples, this engaging and interactive workshop provides greater understanding and capability in the following areas: " Accepting responsibility and accountability for roles at home " Becoming self-empowered and less co-dependent in interpersonal relationships. " Balancing work and marriage. " Changing from the inside out and becoming strong, internally driven marriage partners, with improved character and competence to keep marriages happy and healthy. " Transforming destructive, reactive behavior to life-enhancing proactive behavior.
The RESULTS… Couples achieve a high degree of self-mastery, therefore becoming far more successful in their marriage relationships, with their children and in their profession by translating the training experience into action plans wherein they: " Respond proactively building character and generating trust in the marriage. " Identify a common purpose and shared goals. " Recognize conflict triggers and develop win-win thinking. " Develop listening skills " Work to together as a team, valuing one another and recognizing strengths. " Building intimacy in all areas of marriage and renewing the relationship on a regular basis. " Adopting an attitude and ritual of self-less service.
The 8 Habits of a Successful Marriage Workshop is led by Louella B. DeVries, M.A., L.C.P.C. a licensed FranklinCovey 8 Habits facilitator and licensed clinical professional counselor specializing in marriage and family therapy. In addition to her clinical practice and facilitating the 8 Habits Workshop, Louella also leads Thank you… a class on parenting and The Power of Two marriage skills class.