The Power of Two

Psychological research has established that no matter how compatible two people may be, sustaining a warm and cooperative marriage partnership requires high-level skills. Choosing what movie to see, dividing household chores, allocating money, managing children and relatives; differences are inevitable. Why fight - or give up to keep the peace - if you can learn to comfortably talk over issues and consistently resolve differences with outcomes that please you both? Workshops for: " Engaged Couples " Newly Marrieds " Couples with Children " Singles seeking Marriage readiness " Couples facing marriage challenges " Couples wanting first-rate marriage skills " Couples aiming for a long-lasting and joyful marriage Power of Two workshops teach the skills to keep dreams of "living happily ever after" a reality.
About the Curriculum…
Part I: The Basics Tension-free talking Effective listening Collaborative dialogue Safe expression of anger Safety receiving anger
Part II: Advanced Skills, Fix-it talk, Shared decision-making, Cleaning up after upsets, Conflict resolution, Augmenting love, support and joy Teaching methods "Learn by doing".